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Treat Escherichia Coli With This Natural Remedy

natural remedy
Escherichia coli is an unpleasant bacteria that commonly affects women and causes different urinary infections followed by irritating and dangerous symptoms.

This is the recipe you need if you struggle with Escherichia coli.


250 g parsley root
250 g lemon, unpeeled
200 g honey
200 ml olive oil


Clean the parsley root well and blend it, same as the lemon. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir well. Keep the remedy in a clean jar.


Take a tablespoon before your breakfast and a tablespoon before your dinner. Repeat the treatment until you finish the remedy.

Do some testings after the whole treatment. If you still have the bacteria, repeat the procedure.

Try this home remedy and share your results! You have already tried it? Well, what is your experience?

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