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This will Happen if You Eat From this Ingredient Which is 100 Times Stronger Than Antibiotics, 2 Times a Week

Garlic compounds cause reactive oxygenic species in the cancer cells and they block further spreading of the tumor. It is enough to eat garlic two times per week if you want to decrease the risk from cancer for 40 percent. A lot of people have lost their lives during conventional cancer treatment, since the chemotherapy, besides the cancer cells, destroys the healthy cells as well by releasing a protein which supports the growth of the tumor and lowers the chances for healing. On the other hand, the sulfur compounds present in the garlic destroy only the cancer cells, not the healthy ones. Garlic is 100 times more effective than the popular antibiotics for fighting diseases.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is part of the plant family Alliaceae and has been used throughout the history for culinary and medicinal purposes. Its special properties source out from the sulfur which is present 1 percent in the dry remaining of the garlic. Although garlic is not a typical source of essential nutrients, depending on its growing process, it can contribute with its smaller amount of oligosaccharide, arginine, selenium and flavonoid.

The use of garlic has been documented in numerous, bigger civilization, among which are the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese.

The researches have shown that the garlic properties are able to decrease the risk from breast, bowel, skin, uterus, throat, and lung cancers. Moreover, they concluded that the sulfur compounds in the garlic create free radicals and that they do not behave as antioxidants. The researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention claim that they have found a connection between the intake of fresh garlic and repression of lung cancer.

One of the studies claims that in the Chinese medicine garlic has been used since 2000 years B.C. The authors of the study stated that, diallyl sulfide, a compound which is released when the garlic is divided into bulbs, contributes to the strength of garlic as a preventive means. However, this study does not include the effects from cooked garlic.

Numerous studies about garlic are related to the diallyl sulfide and cancer. One Korean study stated that the diallyl sulfide is the prevailing liposoluble sulfur compound in garlic i.e. this compound inhibits the spreading of cancer cells. Scientists have discovered that this is done with the help of the creation of free radicals. Also, they have discovered that the death of cells caused by diallyl sulfide can be prevented with the help of a cure that lowers the formation of free radicals.

A study was conducted with 4,500 healthy people and 1, 424 people with lung cancer. The ones who ate fresh garlic at least two times per day had around 44 percent lower chances for cancer development. This was also similar with smokers or people exposed to vapors, but the chance was 30 percent less.

Further on, researchers consider that further research about the effect of the garlic compounds in prevention of lung cancer is needed. In order to experience the potential anti carcinogenic effects of garlic, you must keep up with certain rules. Cut and peel a bulb of fresh garlic and leave it like that for 15 minutes before you eat it. In this way you allow the garlic to release the enzyme alliinase which reacts against cancer. This enzyme must be degraded to create a powerful antioxidant.

Garlic oil and ground garlic are produced by distillation of the garlic, and then dissolved into other substances, with which they lose its effect. This process destroys almost all allicin in the garlic.

Diallyl sulfide, which is related with suppression of cancer, is a product of allicin degradation.

The World Health Organization recommends at least one clove per day for grownups. However, be careful where you buy it and always choose fresh!



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