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Simple Natural Remedies Against Cancer

brockoli juice cancer
Occurrence and growth of cancerous cells appears as a result of weakened immune system, excess toxins, and as a lack of nutrients in the body. Namely, the results of scientific research show that there are over a hundred effective drugs against cancer. Below is a list of several simple, but very effective natural remedies against cancer.

Baking soda
The mixture of one tablespoon baking soda and juice made of organic lemon and 2.5 deciliters water that should be consumed several times a day, successfully reduces the acidity in the body, and it is known that cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

“Sanguinaria Canadensis”
Or “Bloodroot” a multi plant which contains alkaloids called “Sanguinarin”. It is  a plant that destroys cancer cells and does not damage healthy human cells. It can be used orally or applied on the skin as a medicine against skin and external forms of cancer.

It is a healing mushroom which has been studied in laboratories for years. Scientists have shown that chaga boosts the immune system and has many anticancer properties.

Vitamin D
Checking the level of vitamin D in the blood and its balance can help in prevention and in fight against cancer. A 2006 study showed that lack of vitamin D was associated with a reduced chance of surviving cancer in patients who struggle with this after menopause.

Herbal tea “Essiac”
The original blend of this tea is an old Indian recipe used for hundreds of years. Canadian discovered this recipe and began to share it with patients who have fought cancer, and then they started to recover incredibly quickly. This tea is a combination of several anticancer herbs that have the ability to cleanse the body. All you have to do is consume it several times a day.

Linseed oil and young cheese
Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and doctorfound a natural way to treat cancer with a positive result in 90% of cases, in the period of 50 years. The combination of flaxseed oil and young cheese provides your body with essential fatty acids and lipoproteins that reduce tumors and improve your health.

Oil Cannabis “Cannabis sativa”
Cannabinoids in cannabis oil kill cancer cells, and protects the healthy cells. There are numerous scientific studies that confirm how cannabis oil is important in the treatment of many types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Almost 85 % of the world human population has a lack of iodine in the body. Iodine deficiency leads to increased production of estrogen in the human body, so people have to follow the level of iodine in the blood, in order to prevent estrogen from creating mutations in the cells and increasing the formation of cysts and tumors. Therefore, all hormonal contraceptives are extremely carcinogenic.

Melatonin is a powerful inhibitor for the creation of cancer cells. In fact, laboratory studies have shown that melatonin reduces the level of growth of breast cancer cells for 70%. Melatonin also prevents the negative effects of estrogen that enters the body through consumption of milk, meat, dairy products and seafood.

This vegetable is incredibly important due to its anticancer properties. Broccoli contains sulforaphane which not only kills cancer cells, but it also prevents their growth and expansion in the body, and this is the case for many types of cancer. There are hundreds of known natural remedies against cancer and they have saved countless human lives worldwide. Of course, healthy lifestyle is essential for effective cancer treatment.

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