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Russian Recipe For Total Treatment Of Thyroid Gland

Hypothyroidism is insufficient production of thyroid gland hormones. The commonest cause for hypothyroidism is chronic autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid gland. Russian medicine suggests the following simple yet efficient recipe for people suffering from this kind of health condition. The recipe is consisted of two ingredients, which you can easily purchase.

Ingredients needed:

– 15 young pine cones (3 to 5 cm in size)

– 50 ml of quality vodka

Method of preparation:

Crush the pinecones as powdery as you can, put them in glass jar, pour the vodka over the resulting powder, cover the jar and let the mixture stand still for 10 days. After that, strain the mixture.

Way of consuming:

Consume 5 drops of the remedy three times a day for three whole weeks.

How does pine tree affects the health?

Pine tree has been used in folk medicine for treating rheumatism, cleansing of the airways as well as treating persistent cough, lung diseases and hypothyroidism.

Pine possesses numerous health benefits. The best part is you can get pine throughout the year. However, you will get the most efficient remedy is you use pine in spring. There are several types of this evergreen tree, but the most common is black and white pine. The black pine can be recognized by its dark green needles and cone shape. White pine has needles with silver like color and its crust has orange-brown color.

Pine needles, young cones, resin and pine bark are the parts that possess healing properties. The needles should be used while fresh because if dried they will lose their vitamin C. Little is known about the healing properties of the pins, which is greater than 80% if the spines are broken into smaller pieces rather than using the whole needle as it is.

Pinecones should also be used while young, size 3-5 cm, because their maturation give the cone itself woody appearance and lose their healing properties. Young cones contain bitter and aromatic substances, are rich in vitamin C, contain healing scented resin, a number of antioxidants and a number of essential oils. They also possess an alkaline effect.



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