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Recipe For Naturally Removing Adipose Tissue, Lipoma, Within 8 Days!

Adipose tissue growth, or lipoma, is a benign tumor of the fat tissue which is not hazardous to health. It may appear on the neck, head, arms, armpits and it can be of different size and it looks very non-aesthetic.

Modern medicine has no answer for the reason of their occurrence. However, they are associated with genetics. Surgery in combination with medicaments is considered to be the solution for treatment of lipomas. Fortunately there is a natural alternative that can help to treat lipomas.

Using this recipe you will be able to treat lipomas simple, painless and in short term. Due to its effectiveness, this recipe is recommended even by some dermatologists. It is consisted of a mixture made of honey and flour.

Natural remedy for treating a lipoma
Take equal parts of honey and flour and mix well. Apply 5 to 10 mm layer of the resulting mixture directly onto the lipoma. Fix the mixture using bandage. The coating should act for 36 hours. After 36 hours, remove the remedy, wash the area and repeat the procedure. This procedure should be repeated 5 times or 8 days straight. After the whole treatment, you will notice the fat tissue decomposes and decreases. For preparation of this recipe it is recommendable to use natural honey with dark colors and whole grain flour.

The mixture of honey and flour can also be used for treating external ulcers and wounds. Honey acts anti-inflammatory, extracts impurities and stimulates lymph and blood circulation.

In one study, in 59 cases with wounds and ulcers, treatment with honey proved to be effective in just seven days even though modern medicine did not show results in such treatment for whole two years.

Additional advice for fatty deposits:

– Detoxification of the whole organism is primary natural therapy in lipomas.

– Quit consuming saturated fats and refined oils.

– Avoid foods with additives, preservatives and pesticides, white flour, meat, milk and dairy products.

– All natural spices, fruits and vegetables can stimulate the process of decomposition of fat and eliminate toxins.

– Drink one glass of lukewarm water in combination with juice of half a lemon every morning. It will detoxify your organism and will stimulate your liver’s work.

– Use omega-3 fatty acids because they help in decomposition and preventing the growth of adipose tissue.

– Add sprouts in your diet because they are very healthy and high in nutrients.

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