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Lose 8 Pounds In 14 Days With This Famous Japanese Diet

japanese diet - weight loss
If you stick to this Japanese diet plan, you will lose up to 8 pounds in 14 days.

Japan is a country with a long culinary tradition and their food is mostly based on seafood and rice. Many use soy as an excellent source of vegetable protein. Japanese, relatively late started to drink coffee, but green tea in their culture has long been respected. Their cuisine is low in calories and high in fiber, protein, vegetable fats, and vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

However, this diet plan is not based on classical Japanese cuisine, but on more water, coffee, vegetables, cheese, fish and meat.

General rule of this famous Japanese diet is that once you start it, you have to go to the end. So do not change the foods or their quantity. You can fry you fish and meat in vegetable oils.

During this diet, you should avoid:

Salt – because it causes fluid retention in the body

Sugar – because it is the major cause of obesity

Bread – primarily because it is a product of white flour

Alcohol – has negative effect on the metabolism and prevents discharge of toxins

You have to drink plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration of your body.

This diet involves skipping of the breakfast. During these two weeks you should drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes you can replace the coffee with a cup of green tea, with some fruit or with some grated carrot with lemon juice. However, coffee is the basic element of the Japanese diet, since it is loaded with natural antioxidants. Note that you must drink natural coffee, so forget instant coffee.

For this meal opt for fish or meat combined with vegetables. As a side dish, you can prepare fresh salad, grate some carrot or cabbage, or make some cucumber salad. The Japanese diet does not require small portions so you can eat half a chicken, if you’re hungry.

Unlike the previous two meals, you have more choices for dinner. You can eat fruit, eggs, cheese or yogurt. Also, you can eat fish or meat with vegetables, but in much smaller quantities.

Note: With this diet you can lose 7-8 kg in 14 days, but doctors do not recommend it more than twice a year.