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Here is What Happens When you Drink Cold Water

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You may already know that warm water opens up the pores and enables our skin to breathe, while cold water closes them and harms our skin.

Guess what?! Cold water for drinking does the same thing to our digestive tract!

This is what happens when we drink cold water:

-Digestion slows down and hydration is prevented.

-Instead of our bowel digesting food and absorbing nutrients to create energy, our body wastes energy to regulate temperature which can lead to loss of water.

-Drinking cold water after a meal creates surplus mucus in the organism which often times leads to malfunction of the immune system and this leads to cold or some diseases.

-If you eat food while you are drinking cold beverages or you drink them immediately after a meal, the temperature of the water hardens the fats from the food that you have just eaten, and in return, the body puts additional effort to digest the unwanted fat in your organism.

Some people claim that drinking cold water can be useful, since it burns more calories. However, the functioning of the digestive system is additionally burdened. Therefore, we must help ourselves and think of a better way to burn calories.

Benefits of warm water

Here are some benefits from drinking warm water, or room temperature water:

-Increased hydration
-Natural digestive enzymes are stimulated and digestion is improved
-Easier digestion
-Bowel function is improved (warm water with lemon in the morning is great for the bowel)
-Cleanses the blood and increases the natural process of detoxification through the skin, kidneys and lymphatic system

Once you get used to drinking warmer water ( or water in room temperature) you will notice dramatic improvement in your digestion. Moreover, some people have noticed that their intake of sweets lowered.

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