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Get a new body in 28 days by doing this 4-minute exercise!

Take this challenge together with million people all over the world and bring your body in a great shape. Planks are one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the mid part of your body. It seems as a very simple exercise for beginners, and they skip doing it.

This exercise melts the fat and strengthens the stomach and back muscles as well as the arms, legs and butt muscles.

Follow these morning rules if you want a supermodel body:


Plank is exercise for endurance in the upper position of the push – ups, and the work of the muscle is pretty much the same as the work during the push – ups. Plank encourages essential muscle strength.

This challenge last for 4 weeks and the exercises last longer and longer every time. You should start with 20 seconds and in the end you should have 4 minutes continues/ nonstop plank. In the end your body will be ready for more challenges and your muscle weight will be improved.

The right position of doing it is the most important part of this exercise. It is crucial to have the upper part of your body in a flat line when you push yourself up with your hands and support your body with your toes.

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