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Extreme Weight Loss: 23 Kilograms In 2 Months!

weight loss

In this diet you should drink 8 glasses of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice daily. 250 ml eight times a day or a total of 2 liters of juice per day. Grapefruit juice is needed because it acts as a catalyst that accelerates the process of burning calories and the breakdown of fat depots. You should not increase or reduce the amount of juice. The coffee is excluded from your menu because it reflects on the balance of insulin preventing the process of burning calories.

Forbidden foods:
White flour and the products made from it,
●Sugar, desserts, snacks, cakes, chocolates, absolutely everything that contains sugar,
●Fried foods,
Salt in limited quantities.
●You’re composing the menu yourself. In the morning for breakfast you can choose from the following foods every day, and it is best to change them:
●2 boiled eggs with a slice of toasted black bread,
●A piece of toasted black bread with a slice of low fat cheese (50 g),
●Cereals and it is best to choose a yogurt with oat kernels,
●A piece of black bread with butter or margarine,
●100g of cottage cheese with a piece of bread diet,
●Milk and banana shake,
●Fruit salad of apple, orange and kiwi,
●A glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey and 2-3 biscuits,
●Before having breakfast you should drink the first glass of grapefruit juice on empty stomach.

The lunch should be consisted of steak and salad. The meat should not be fried. Allowed foods are chicken, turkey or fish that can be cooked or baked, but no more than 200 grams. Despite the meat on your menu, it is mandatory to add a fresh season salad. The best choice is a salad in which you will consume more vegetables. Consume the season salad with soy sauce instead of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil, flaxseed oil or grape seed oil.
Before each meal drink a glass of grapefruit juice. The remaining 5 cups should be distributed throughout the day when you feel thirst or hunger. In addition you should consume other liquids like water and green tea. All other juices, alcoholic beverages, soft drink, etc. are prohibited.

Select vegetables for dinner and watch the steam cannot be the same every day. If you feel hungry, you can add half a baked potato to the vegetables serving. Before going to bed drink a glass of the grapefruit juice.
Walk daily for 30 minutes.

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