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A Drink Which Melts Fat- You Need Only 2 Ingredients

fast weight loss drink
Learn how to make a simple and natural drink which will melt the fat in the organism. All you need for this natural, diet drink are celery and lemon. This is a perfect effect from these two ingredients which stimulate digestion and burn fat in the organism.

It will calm your stomach after you eat food which interferes with the digestive tract. You probably have these two ingredients at home, and if you do not, you only need the nearest market where you can buy them.

You need 400 grams of celery root and 1 kilogram of lemon

Preparation: Cut the 400 grams of celery root and squeeze the lemon. Add the cut lemon peel in 2 liters of water and boil it for 20 minutes, after which the mixture should cool off. Add the juice from the 1 kilogram of lemon in the cooled mixture, and by using a colander separate the remaining, and keep the juice in a glass bottle.

Drink this juice for fat melting, three times per day, before meals. Each time, drink per 100 ml and you can also dissolve the juice with a bit of water. Keep it in the fridge.

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