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This Is the Elixir “Bomb”: It Will Repair Blood Count That You Will Be Surprised

This Is the Elixir “Bomb”

Reducing the level of hemoglobin in the blood, regardless of the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes), will reduce the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen – leading to anemia. This vitamin bomb or a healing elixir is very good and proven cure for increasing hemoglobin, raising blood cells and improving of the general blood work.

Make it immediately, because it is super healthy and very tasty!

Natural elixir to improve blood counts – Recipe:

To prepare this natural cure – vitamin bomb, you need:

• 200 ml honey
• 200 g walnut kernels
• 200 g of raisins
• 200 ml of carrot juice
• 200 ml of beetroot juice
• 2 lemons


Wash 2 lemons.

Cut them in half and remove pits.
Grind with peel (if they were sprayed – remove the peel) and place them in one litter glass jar.

To the mixture of minced lemon, add honey, squeezed juice of beetroot and squeezed carrot juice. Stir.

After to the mixture add finely chopped or ground walnuts and raisins. And again mix everything.

You will get 1 kg of delicious and very healthy mineral composition.

Store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Consume 1 tablespoon, three times a day before meal.

It can be used as much as you want. No side effects, except for an increase in energy.

After a week or two of consumption, check the blood work – and you will be pleasantly surprised!