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The Secret Formula Of A Woman Who Lost 20 Kilograms

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Listen to your body and bring a lot of optimism into your life. Kilograms will then suddenly drop off!

Jamie Mendel began holding various diets already in her 17th year. Constant hunger and thinking about food made her desperate.

“I was desperate,” says Jamie today, with 20 kg less. “Not only because of my weight, but also because I spent 10 years completely obsessed with thoughts of food,” she recalls. “I was overeating and I hide from people,” she admitted.

Then she realized it was time for major changes. She decided to no longer waste time on the struggle with her weight and not to think about kilograms or diets. Instead, she finally began to live life to the fullest, without worrying about her appearance. This is what led her to lose weight.

She began intensively to hang out with her friends, to go on dates with guys, no longer counting the calories. She completely changed her look on life and, therefore stopped to overeat, and the kilograms started to melt. The result was great – in two years she lost 20 kilograms.

“You know what is the most important thing? My weight is not important to me at this point. I became happy when I had 20 kilograms more. I realized that I can be happy regardless of the severity. And that is my biggest win.” – says Jamie.

For all the women who are struggling with their weight she has 3 tips:

1. Stop your diet: if you do not lose weight, it means that it does not work for you. Begin to listen to your body. Eat when you’re hungry, stop eating when you feel that you are full and believe that your body knows when it’s time to eat.
2. Control your life: most people overeat because of emotional problems or because life did not get them what they wanted and needed. Pay attention how to use the food at times when you are not hungry. Does it give you comfort, excitement, love? Arrange your life in a way that it brings more of these feelings. When you begin to feel what you want, then you will not turn the food to fill those needs.
3. Make peace with your body: it is hard to love your own body, for the beginning, start to appreciate it and get to know it. Then you develop a natural need to take care of him and give him nutritious meals.



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