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The Oldest Self Treatment in the World: You Need only 10 minutes Daily!

The Oldest Self Treatment in the World: You Need only 10 minutes Daily!

These are six simple ayurvedic techniques for self treatment for which you need only 10 minutes a day! By using them regularly you will be healthier and brighter- in body, mind and spirit for sure.

According to this ancient Indian method of treatment, that exists more than 100 years, in order to preserve your health you must accomplish harmony of body, soul and mind.

Ayurveda is the oldest, all encompassing system which protects health and which is used around the world, whereas in India it has advantage over the official medicine and it is studied at the state schools and universities. The World Health Organisation, at its congress in Alma Ati in 1977 officially accepted Ayurveda and recommended its application and popularization.

A man is healthy as long as the body, mind and soul function harmoniously. This is the core of Ayurveda philosophy and ancient Indian methods of treatment which emerged from Ayurveda.

Ayurveda teachings say that all that exists in the universe is permeated and interconnected with energy.

The three ‘’doshas’’ (some kind of bio regulator) enable a man’s life and they are ‘’pitta’’, ‘’kapha’’ and ‘’vata’’. ‘’Vata’’ is responsible for breathing, ‘’kapha’’ for strength, and ‘’pitta’’ for the metabolism. As long as these elements are synchronised, the well being of a man is guaranteed. Proper nutrition, massage, yoga and meditation all lead to the ability of self healing.

Daily treatment of ancient self healing in only ten minutes:

Morning: 6 minutes

Clear your tongue-30 seconds

After washing your teeth, remove the layers from the tongue with a tongue cleaner, a dull knife or a teeth brush. The liver, bile and kidneys are the organs which help our organism get rid of harmful items. As a consequence of metabolic processes, layers and toxins appear on the tongue. If they are not removed, after a period they block the flow of energy in the body.

Use the strength of sesame oil- 2 minutes

After washing your teeth and tongue, rinse your mouth for two minutes with sesame oil, spit and wash your mouth with warm water. Sesame oil removes the layers from the gums, prevents cavity and gum inflammation; it’s rich with linolenic acid so it works against fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Self massage-3 minutes

You need a glove from raw silk or a soft brush. Massage every part of the body 10-20 times in this order: neck, the back to where you can reach, then with circular movements massage the shoulders, then the hands and fingers. Massage the part under the breast with horizontal movements, the stomach from up to down, left to right, the thighs from the outside and inside, up and down, and the knees and feet with circular movements. The massage makes the circulation better and restores energy. Every segment of the body is connected with a specific inside organ, which is better supplied with blood, after a massage, maintains Ayurveda.

Day -2 minutes:

Drink warm water-30 seconds

Boil half litre of water 10-15 minutes; pour it into a thermos and every half hour drink three sips. Thanks to the special energetic properties, the boiled water stimulates digestion and contributes to the ejection of harmful substances from the organism.

Breathing that relaxes-2 minutes

Breath air through the nose deep from the stomach, keep the air for few seconds than breath out through the nose. Do not think about anything; if you find it hard to turn off, imagine something beautiful, a beach, wind… Problems, anger and fear can often lead to organ diseases. Relaxing helps both you and your organs. In the brain, the endorphin (hormone of happiness) is produced which makes us happy, actually after a certain period of exercising.

Night-2 minutes:

Encourage digestion and quality of sleep- 2 minutes

On a steam, heat a little sesame oil. Spatter few drops on the stomach, and then massage the stomach with the whole hand, with clockwise circular movements.  After that, dip a towel in hot water and apply it on the stomach while it is still warm. At the end, wipe your stomach. This massage encourages digestion by stimulating the contraction of the bowels. In this way it solves insomnia that is a result of bad digestion.

Simple, but powerful. Begin tomorrow!



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