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Successful Safe Liver Cleanse in 24 Hours – Get rid of over 1000 Liver Stones (Literally)


With the following type of liver cleansing you will have your digestion improved. Normal digestion is vital for good health. It will prevent allergies and pain in the upper skeleton.

You could have your canal obstructed with kidney stones. They can cause allergies and rashes, or will have no symptoms at all. The bile stones can’t be seen with x-rays, because they can be very small and aren’t calcified.

There are many various gallstones and most of them contain cholesterol crystals inside. They can be red, green, white black or dark colored. Remains of bacteria can be found in the middle of the stones. The scientists believe that dead bacteria, which is acting like a core, forms the liver stones. So if there is a stone in the liver, it will cause lesser cholesterol leaving from the body, which will lead to increased cholesterol levels in the organism.

The stones are witless and are able to congest cysts, bacteria, parasites and viruses. That’s how nests of infections are formed, which will generate bacteria. If you haven’t your kidney stones removed, you will not be able to cure any abdominal ulcer or infection.

If you are in a period of pregnancy or lactation you mustn’t perform this method. Also it is not recommended if you have cold or any disease.

- 4 teaspoons of unrefined sea salt
- ½ cup of cold pressed olive oil
- Freshly squeezed juice of 1 or 2 smaller red citrus
- Cup with lid

Saturday is the most recommended day for cleansing your liver, because you will need some rest. You shouldn’t take medicines, vitamins or minerals in tablet form because they can obstruct the purification.

You should consume food with less fat such as fruit, cooked grains and fruit juice. Don’t consume salted vegetables, chips or milk. By consuming these foods in your breakfast and your lunch, you will make pressure to the bile canal of the liver, which will enhance ejection of gallstones (bile stones are crystallized toxins in the liver).

2 pm
You will need to stop eating and drinking after 2 pm, you may feel pain later if you disobey this rule.

Mix 4 teaspoons of unrefined sea salt in three cups filled with water and pour it all into a bottle. Now you have 4 doses. Put the bottle in the fridge to improve its taste.

6 pm
Now is the time to drink the first dose of the cold saline composite.

8 pm
Drink the second dose. Take this dose in the correct time because it is vital for the cleansing success. You will not be hungry, though you haven’t eaten by 2 pm.

9:45 pm
Now, you need to squeeze one grapefruit and add it in ½ cup of cold pressed olive oil. Whisk well, until you get smooth solution. It is recommended to go to bathroom one or more time before consuming this potion.

10 pm
It’s time to drink the potion you prepared earlier. Drink it while standing for 5 minutes. When you are done, lie on your bad as soon as possible.

Now more gallstones will come out from the liver. Lie on your back and remain calm in this position for at least 20 minutes.

You will feel the stones traveling through your liver canals. Don’t be afraid, you will not feel pain because the unrefined sea salt helped in opening the canals. Now you can use some sleep.

After two hours, it’s time for the forth dose of the cold salt water. Two hours later you can start eating. First you should start with some fruit juice, and half an hour later you can eat some fruit.

You can begin with normal nutrition after one hour, and by the dinner time you will be completely recovered.

How successfully was the cleansing?
You can expect diarrhea in the morning. Because of the cholesterol in them, the liver stones will swim on the surface. In order the cleansing to be complete, the liver will be necessary to eject 2000 stones. You can repeat this treatment 2 weeks later, but never do it if you are sick.
The liver canals can be obstructed with cholesterol in form of crystals and no form stones. They can manifest on the water surface having green-brown color.

Is this liver cleansing safe?
It is one of the safest. Dr. Hulda Clark represented this cleansing, which was realized on more than 500 people, even people older than 70 years. No one has ever went to hospital, or felt pain.

After performing the purification, it is possible to feel weakened or exhausted, but in two days it will pass.

If you removed your stones from your liver successfully without operation, we congratulate you, sincerely!

We can’t know the true origins of this method, because it is hundred, maybe thousand years old.

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