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Mix These Three Ingredients And You Will Never Get Cancer!!!!


American doctor Carolin Anderson has presented to the public a very simple recipe for efficient means to prevent cancer. The mixture consists of 3 easily available ingredients.

These researches, like Anderson says, became the basis of 2000 year tradition, using these ingredients in east India, confirmed with the newest western medical studies.
Anderson says that if you use these 3 ingredients everyday, it almost positive that you will not get cancer.

The recipe is:

Mix ¼ teaspoon curcuma with ½ teaspoon olive oil. Add just a pinch of freshly grinded pepper. Mix this 3 ingredients in a cup. You can use this mixture as a spice in several meals and salads. Just be careful, do not add the mixture to the food while is boiling or baking, so that it doesn’t lose its nutrition, but add it at the end if the cooking.