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Medicine has no answer: more than 3500 severely ill patients recovered all by themselves

vodopad kravice

Brain tumour, blindness, chronic illnesses, parasites gone overnight.

It is not a fairy tale, but information from the Institute for noetic science, which has gathered over 3500 medical records of people whose illnesses, some of them in the terminal stage, withdrew on their own.

The conventional medicine has no explanation for this phenomenon called "spontaneous remission".

How is it possible for an inoperable tumour to simply disappear from the body?

How can a person who until yesterday couldn't hold a spoon today be making lunch for her family and drive kids to school?

Alternative doctors may offer some insight. They claim the answer is clear.

he power of positive thinking or the so-called placebo-effect knows no bounds and it accomplishes what is unimaginable for many – defeats even the most severe of illnesses.

The medications it uses are love, gratitude and joy, or satisfaction. These feelings, say the alternative doctors, act as private defenders of mental, and later of physical health too.

The worst man's enemy - stress

According to studies carried out so far, about 90 percent of all human illnesses are caused by stress. The genes, environment, bad life and dieting habits account for but a minority.

Stress enters a person's life gradually: the burden of everyday life, professional obligations, worrying about health and safety sometimes exert a chronic psychological pressure a person is not even aware of.

The body does not distinguish between real and false fears. It only knows fear and worry whether real or related to possible future events.

In such a condition, the autonomous nervous system always acts as a protection by activating to resolve a threat.

The adrenaline and cortisol which are secreted during that time accelerate the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and muscular functioning. At the same time, the digestive and the reproductive systems are put "on hold".

In case the threat is false, or when the cause of the stress is worry or fear, when you cannot escape it by jumping over the fence or by bringing it down with a wrestling grip, then all of that enormous energy is wasted.

Day after day, such a condition exhausts the organism and causes early problems: inflammatory processes, weakened immunity and chronic illnesses, because the body and mind cannot recover in time.

Without rest, peace and the time for oneself, the body is in the state of permanent exhaustion which leads to serious medical conditions.

Medications – love, gratitude and joy

Hay can a simple gesture of gratitude be of help? Simply, as is proven by medical phenomena – people who rejected drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional treatment methods.

They have proven that the placebo effect, gratitude and joy cancel out the effects of the stress on the organism.

They stimulate the formation of protective antibodies, strengthen immunity and alleviate inflammation helping the body to win the battle against the causes of the illness.

They recreate the reserves that have been exhausted, providing the body, mind and spirit with a new strength.

They act naturally as a prevention and therapy at the same time.

You can accumulate these natural medications, free and available to anybody, without fear and harm for the organism, because they can only help. To you and to others.

They are several ways of stimulating their production, if you don't have enough of them.

Dr. Cynthia Thalk, cardiologist, says love has been proved to have effect on the heart.

"Every thought and every emotion makes hundreds and thousands of new neuropeptides and hormones which create a special symphony of positive or negative effects on the human organism", she says, adding that strengthening empathy and love has a strong impact on the treatment of cardiovascular illnesses.

Humour is another powerful defensive mechanism of the organism – it is stronger than fear and despair, it relaxes muscles and relieves the pain.

The science certifies that the laughter "confuses" the receptors responsible for the perception of pain, making you feel it in a milder form.

At the same time, laughter and joy stimulate the renewal of immunity and strengthen self-confidence.
Alternative medicine also recommends meditation, which releases tension, activates the part of the brain responsible for happiness and positivity, supplies the brain with more blood and enhances the prana.

Some naturopaths claim that it is possible to use the willpower to "persuade" the body to produce the leukocytes for a specific illness.

In this you can obtain the help from powerful natural drugs – herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices.

The most important thing, natural therapists claim, is to believe that the solution exists.

Just as the stress, fed by the organism itself, is capable of causing illness, so are love, gratitude, security and other positive thoughts and emotions capable of renewing the body and healing it.

The hope is therefore - in you.