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If you Know a Little More About This Juice you Would Surely Drink it Every Day

potato juice

Cleanses the liver

If you desire to cleanse your organism, drink one glass of tomato fresh juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Ideal balance

We are already familiar with the fact the balance is crucial for the organism and the tomato juice helps in the creation of this balance. Industrial and processed food creates acidity in the organism, whereas the tomato juice creates alkaline acid.

Skin cleaner

Tomato juice enables you to clean your complexion and frees you from allergies.

Speeds up the metabolism

This is a natural way to clean your organism and lose weight by drinking a glass of tomato juice in the morning, before lunch and at night.

Lowers the ache in the back

Every inflammation or ache in the joints can be calmed down by this astonishing elixir. This powerful potion improves the circulation in the entire body. You can make it in a juicer or mash the tomatoes and then strain them with gauze. Also, you can enrich the taste by adding ginger, honey, cinnamon and mint.