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Egg And Grapefruit Diet- 10 Kilograms For 5 Days

egg and grapefruit

This diet is becoming more and more currant because with it you burn your fat and you lose a lot of weight in the frames of several days. You can really lose 10 kg for just 5 days!

Why should you choose this diet?

The grapefruit belongs to the fat burning group of food. With other words grapefruit has nutritious materials that dissolve fat and remove them from the body. Grapefruit also enhances the material exchange and stimulates the digestion. The eggs, especially the whites, have a lot of proteins. When you combine these two foods the efficiency of weight lost is considered to increase multiple times.This egg and grapefruit diet is very strict, so, that’s why it is not recommended for people with serious health problems!Basic diet principles:This diet can last maximum for 7 days! I recommend only 3-4 days, because it will give you good result and the body will not starve.


Eat 5 grapefruits per day combining them with 5-9 whites from the egg. In an ideal case you need to have 10 portions a day each having half grapefruit and one white every hour. Convince yourself to drink a lot of water and you need to be moderately active, for instance 45 minute walks every day.As you can see, this diet excludes 100 % of the fat from the food. It only contains proteins and pure sugar from the grapefruit, so the results are guaranteed.My advice is to have a cup of green tea no sugar in the mornings and evenings before bed, so that the body can be cleaned from toxins and to use the benefits from the green tea, especially the powerful antioxidants and the effect of weight lost.

I wish you success!!



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