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Ecological And Cheap – An Effective Mosquito Repellent We All Have At Home


Be eco-friendly and instead of using various chemical agents, to combat stressful mosquitoes – use old coffee grounds! In addition to being used in composting, fertilizing plants and to exfoliate the skin, dried-up old coffee grounds or ground coffee is super-effective as a mosquito repellent, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Mosquitoes and other insects, totally reject the smell created of burning coffee grounds! Here’s how to do it.

Note: Coffee grounds are better but you can also use ordinary coffee.


• Collect the coffee grounds and put them on a plate covered with aluminum foil. Place them in a cool, dry place, until they becomes completely dry.
• Place the foil with the dry coffee grounds on the plate on a flat surface such as a table, on open air. Ensure that animals or children don’t have access to that area.
• Burn the grounds with a match, until they start to smoke.
• The grounds will slowly start to burn, and will repent mosquitos.

You can shape the grounds in length. Light it at one end,it will burn slowly and be just as effective.

This simple trick works great.

Here’s some great advice from one of our readers: Put fresh bay leaf instead of pills in electric mosquito repellents. It’s worth a try!

In addition to using coffee grounds against mosquitos, you can also use them against ants.

Just, sprinkle some coffee grounds on the infested area, and your problem will be solved.