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Do you Want to Lose Weight Fast? Do it With Pineapple


This diet is great if you want to get rid of surplus kilograms. It helps with overeating and unhealthy food consumption.

It is recommended to be practiced for 4 days top and it is considered as a temporary cure, since it represents one unbalanced diet.

With this diet you will be able to lose up to 3 kilograms weekly. You must not exaggerate with the pineapple diet.

Pineapple detains water

It is very good in the fight against water retention, flatulence and cellulite. It is very rich in water (around 90 percent), potassium which eliminates the surplus water and iron which creates red blood cells which deliver oxygen to the entire body.

It also contains one enzyme-Bromelain, which improves digestion and fights against inflammatory organism processes. Another important property is speeding of the metabolism. Moreover, it is a hyper caloric fruit- 100 grams contain 40 calories.

You should eat it fresh and ripe and keep it in the fridge upside down so that the sugar melts in the entire fruit. When fresh, the outer part of the fruit is yellow-orange without stains, hard and the leaves are green.

You should eat it right after you cut it, so all of the properties of vitamin C, which is important for collagen formation which improves skin elasticity, are kept.

Couple of advices during the pineapple diet:

Avoid processed meat and old cheeses, carbohydrates, energetic and alcoholic drinks. It is important to drink 2 cups of tea and at least 2 liters water per day.


Mostly 2 spoons of oil daily, limit salt, spices, and vinegar consumption. Physical activity is always welcomed. This is a diet for healthy people and it is not recommended for diabetics or people suffering from colitis, people who cannot digest the pineapple enzymes and those with liver or kidney dysfunction.

Pineapple diet- An example for one day

Breakfast: Pineapple juice +1 fruit + 1 cup of tea

Snack: Natural pineapple juice

Lunch: 4 slices of pineapple + 1 slice of bread

Dinner: 2 slices of pineapple + 50 grams of boiled rice +1 cup of tea against swelling

 An example of the pineapple diet for 3 days:

First day: Consume only fresh pineapple and water

Second day: Pineapple, water and two tuna cans (one for breakfast, other for dinner)

Third day is identical with the first one.

You should bear in mind that this diet has a sole purpose-detoxification, because when you return to the normal regime of diet, the lost kilograms usually return, especially the water.

It is advised that the pineapple should become a part of a regular, balanced nutrition with a weight loss purpose, since it stimulates the feeling of satiety and satisfies the need for sweets.