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Detoxifying and Cleaning The Liver – An Effective Method of Russian Ttraditional Medicine

raisins in cup

The liver in our body has the role of a blood factory. It participates in the process of restoring blood. It also helps to strengthen and stimulate the digestion in the body.

The liver performs another important function: it purifies the blood and eliminates all toxins and impurities in it. Hence, it is clear that a pure liver means- health, vitality, energy, beautiful appearance and good mood.

The procedure for cleansing and detoxifying the liver is one of the most effective methods of body recovery and release of chronic diseases and toxins.

The poisoning of the body itself prevents its mechanism of self-healing to act, and also significantly reduces the effectiveness of drugs and traditional medicine recipes.

Cleaning the liver with raisins.


In the morning, soak half a cup of raisins in warm water for 15 minutes, then rinse them well under running water.

 Put the washed raisins in a cup and fill it with boiled water on a room temperature up to the top. Leave them until the next morning.
 The next morning, on an empty stomach, drink the potion and eat the raisins. Lie in bed for 1.5-2 hours and put a warm compress (hot- water bottle) on the right side of the abdomen.

This procedure is done once a week. The cleansing course is done one month (four times per month), twice a year.

Start the raisins cleansing of the liver by going to the market to select the right raisins. This is very important because today they are not easy to find.

Omit the very bright ones, the beautiful yellowish raisins. Its bright color is the result of a treatment with sulfur dioxide or, at best, a violation of the rules of its drying.

Do not pay any attention to the “great” raisins, which is also chemically processed.

Raisins with good quality are- dull, wrinkled, not too soft, but not hard. Berries must be preserved, not damaged.

Good raisins must be dark or brown color (if it comes to light grape variety – it is light brown in color). There is also a black raisins type with a bluish hue, which is obtained from dark grape vine varieties.

Ideally, if you can find, pick raisins with “tails” – one of the main indicators of its naturalness. Once you have chosen the right raisins – you can start with the preparation for the liver cleaning.