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Destroy The Stomach Bacteria In A Natural Way!!!

stomach bacteria

Stomach bacteria are very common with people. Their treatment is long and hard, and because of it the medicine uses different strong antibiotics.

Here I present to you one medicine that publicly has shown that it really works.

Figs together with olive oil are a true natural medicine in fighting against stomach bacteria.

The preparation for the medicine that will help you get rid of the bacteria is very simple.

In a glassed bottle or a bigger jar put 40 dried figs and cover them with unprocessed olive oil. This is done to ease the figs to release its curable material with the help of olive oil. For better results cut the figs in 4. Close the bottle or the jar and then leave them for 40 days.

After this period has passed, every morning on an empty stomach take one fig from the jar and one tea spoon of the olive oil in which the figs were left.

To speed up the treatment and to make it more effective you need to align your diet as well. Eat specific food without many spices, especially hot ones. Don’t eat sour and avoid fat meat.

Besides helping the stomach, the figs have great influence on other diseases like hemorrhoids, intestinal diseases, constipation, bronchitis, asthma, infertility and other diseases.



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