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Check Your Health: Make a Physical Examination in 60 Seconds


You can check on the state of your body in only 60 seconds. We have few tricks that will help you discover the condition of your body. Find the time to make this check because it is well known that prevention is better than cure.

Blow your nose

Normal breathing shows that the nasal mucous membrane condition is normal. Blow your nose into a tissue. If are not blowing anything, your mucous membranes are healthy. If you blow water slime it is probably an irritation. Yellowish or greenish mucus describes a kind of inflammation that needs treatment.

Check urine

If everything is in order with your urine, then the color should be clear light yellow. If you have too murky color of urine consult your doctor.

Examine the nails

A healthy nail is firm, clear and transparent, if a change occurs that could mean some larger or smaller problem. Yellow spots on the nails indicate infection and white -lack of vitamins.

Check your hairbrush

If your hair falls out in clumps, then it’s high time to visit a doctor.

Examine the moles

Self-examination of the body is very important. Skin cancer is the second most common disease among women between 20 and 29 years. If you notice some unusual changes in the skin, spots or depigmentation, talk to a dermatologist.

Check the dental floss after you clean your teeth

Apart from tooth brushing, flossing is a very important part of the hygiene. When you floss, you notice bleeding, do not worry, it could indicate that you are hypersensitive. If the bleeding after cleansing does not stop then consult your dentist.



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