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Home Remedies To Prevent Premature Graying Of Hair

What is premature graying of hair?

Graying that starts at an early age in individuals (<30 ), is called premature graying. Premature graying of hair occurs when the natural colour of the hair is replaced with white. This is a result of a halt in production of natural hair colour by the hair cells and an increase in hydrogen peroxide. It has been reported that the graying of hair is a result of low levels of the catalase, MSR A, and MSR B enzymes. Normal levels of these enzymes break down the hydrogen peroxide generated in the hair, thus preventing graying. However, low levels of the enzymes are unable to break down hydrogen peroxide, resulting in increasing grayness of the hair.

There is a pattern to the graying of hair that differs based on gender. In males, it is observed that graying begins in the beard, followed by the moustache, the side burns, the top of the head, and finally the chest. In females, graying begins in the temples and then spreads through the side and the rest of the hair.

Causes of premature graying of hair

Premature graying of hair is observed in any age group ranging from children (8 yrs and above) to teenagers to young adults in the twenties. Graying is observed when the thick strands of hair are replaced with thin white strands.

Some of the causes of premature graying are:

• Genetic disorders
• Disorders of the thyroid gland
• Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism
• Malnutrition
• Pernicious anemia
• Use of damaging hair products
• Stress
• Radiation
• Electric dryers
• Hormonal imbalance
• Chemotherapy
• Deficiency in diet (e.g., lack of iodine, copper, iron, vitamin B)

Remedies for premature graying of hair

There are a few ways to arrest premature graying.

Temporary - Henna, a plant-based dye, is a temporary way of camouflaging gray hair. The effect of henna wears off in a short period of time and needs to be applied frequently to maintain the dark colour of the hair. Bhingraj oil is another way of maintaining dark hair.

Gray Hair: Henna

Semi-permanent - Hair dye colours that do not contain ammonia can be used to colour the hair.

Permanent - Hair dye colours that last for a long period of time can be used to camouflage the gray strands. These products, however, contain ammonia and harmful peroxides

Vegetables rich in folic acid: Vegetables such as spinach and bok choy are rich in folic acid and iron. This is essential for the maintenance of hair and good hair growth.

Gray Hair: Spinach

Nuts rich in oils: Nuts such as walnuts contain oils that prevent hair loss. The lack of body oil results in the thinning of hair. Hair thinning may be prevented by consuming oil-rich nuts.

Magnesium-rich food: Fish, eg, halibut, is rich in magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium improve the growth of hair.

Vitamin A: Vegetables such as carrots and spinach produce beta carotene. The beta carotene is converted to vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A is useful in producing oils in the scalp. This improves hair growth.

Gray Hair: Vitamin A

Vitamin D: Eggs and yoghurt are rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in maintaining the quality of hair.

Green tea: Drink green tea and avoid coffee to improve the growth of hair.



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